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LDS, ACT Liberia Forum Welcome Regional Representative to Liberia

Over the weekend, the Lutheran Development Service in Liberia (LDS-Liberia) welcomed to Liberia the Regional Representative for Africa, Mrs. Elizabeth Kisiigha Loy Zimba of the Action of Churches Together (act alliance). Mrs. Zimba has been visiting several member countries on the continent including Liberia. Her visit to Liberia was aimed at fostering unity, collaboration, coordination, and ownership in the ACT Liberia Forum. She also used her visit to provide information on funding opportunities, capacity building, and recruitment for strengthening ACT Liberia Forum. The Lutheran Development Service, the development arm of the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) is a strong member of ACT Liberia Forum and has over 15 years of experience successfully implementing projects for ACT Alliance Global.

Meanwhile, the event held at the Headquarters of the Lutheran Church, 13th Street, sinkor, Monrovia, brought together bishops, reverends, leaders, and members of the Liberia Council of Churches, and other Christian leaders in the country. Speaking during the event, the 2nd vice president of the Liberia Council of churches Mod. Sanjee Abioseh Stepter expressed her appreciation to LDS for inviting Mrs. Zimba to Liberia with such a great opportunity for Christian institutions.  However, she emphasized the need for churches involved in humanitarian aid assistance in Liberia to harness this opportunity by first being a part of the Alliance. She further mentioned that the opportunity, if utilized, will help strengthen churches engaged with humanitarian aid in Liberia. Meanwhile, there are currently only two members of the ACT Liberia Forum. They are the Lutheran Development Service (LDS) and the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC). However, at the end of the event, several church leaders including bishops, and reverends expressed their desire to be a part of the organization.

ACT Alliance is a global faith-based coalition organized in national and regional forums operating in more than 120 countries. Through its more than 140 members, the alliance works on humanitarian aid, gender and climate justice, migration and displacement, and peace and security to support local communities. The goal of the alliance is to promote a locally-led and coordinated approach to advocacy, humanitarian, and developmental issues. Under its humanitarian, development, and advocacy umbrellas ACT Alliance responds to the changing and volatile contexts that the organization is faced with today through holistic and integrated programs that build on the distinct mandates and specialties of its members.

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