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LDS Graduates Adult Learners in Global Village

The Lutheran Development Service in Liberia graduates ninety-four (94) adult learners within four (4) of the project cluster (Paye-ta & Global village in Zota district); and (Wainsue, Volominee and Gbomay-ta in Sanoyea district) from June 24 -26, 2020. Program took place in Global Village, Zota district, Bong County. The program was characterized by role play, demonstration, etc. Graduates were awarded certificate of achievement and other supporting materials like back bag, copy book,pencil, sharpeners and ink pen. In Global Village, LDS was represented by Assistant Program Officer and the M&E officer, Alloyious V. Flomo. During the demonstration, the adult learners wrote their names and also read the alphabet and numbers correctly.

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