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Malagbolorsue Benefits One Handpump

LDS supported the construction of a hand pump to minimize health risks to the community. LDS and Malagbolorsue community agreed on their respective contributions. mMalagborlorsue contribution was to dig the well and mobilized local materials such as river sand, wash gravel and reed. LDS provided the set of hand pump with accessories and materials that were not available to the communities such as roll of mesh wire, 35 bags of cement, 2pcs of steel rod, 2pcs of pad locks, 1 chain, 1 can of chlorine, technicians and 40pcs of concrete blocks etc. LDS trained 16 pump techniciansand also provided hand pump maintenance training for the community to be able maintain the hand pump whenever problem occurs. In addition, LDS facilitated the process of putting in place a cost recovery and maintenance mechanism whereas the community generate fund from households monthly dues to pay for repairs. The hand pump was completed and turned over to the community.

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