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Recruitment of M&E Officer

Report from the Recruitment Committee

The General Secretary informed the meeting that the committee received 26 applications for the post of Executive Director.

  • That after a tough vetting process, the committee shortlisted nine (9) applicants and at the end five (5) names were submitted to the Board Chair and the Bishop with recommendation to appoint one out of the five as the ED.  
  • That the highest scorer could not be hired because of previous job history as expert outside of Liberia with very high salaries.
  • In response, the Acting Chair said why is it that the highest scorer was not accepted? Whether the current salary offered was smaller than previous salary earned, it was right to get the opinion of the applicant.  Assuming that he gets to know that he’s the highest scorer and has been denied, will he not consider the decision injustice? He said he was saying this from the legal perspective.    The Acting Chair also asked on what basis was the other person/applicant selected or recommended to the Board Chair and Bishop for appointment as the Executive Director; how sure are we that he will also be willing to accept the minimum salary being offered?
  • In another response, the GS said that the committee made the decision because this person was the second highest scorer and he is a Lutheran, and has always demonstrated his willingness to serve through his presentations/teachings at various LCL’s Conventions whenever he’s called upon.  The Chair said it is bias to select him on that basis rather than the highest scorer or without getting his (highest scorer’s) opinion.

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