Vegetable, and Low-Land Rice Preparation in Sucromu Community.

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  1. Your article demonstrates an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise. The thoroughness and depth with which you have covered the topic are truly impressive. Readers will greatly benefit from the valuable insights and practical advice you have shared. The clarity of your understanding is evident throughout the entire piece. I anticipate more of your high-quality work in the future. Thank you for offering your profound knowledge and providing such a detailed and enlightening resource.

  2. Martin S Varney

    I am the Executive Director of the of the KUKAJU Development Association in Sucromu This program is a game changer for our Institution. LDS came at the time when we were in urgent need of help. We were provided with farming tools (cutlasses,Holes,shovels,diggers,spraying cans,pesticides)The project also supplied us with seeds and most recently with training on new methods of planting and some of the best IPM methods which was an eye opener for us.

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